UPDATE (10/2022): ACE Zoom Meetings

ALL ZOOM MEETINGS WILL NO LONGER BE SUPPORTED BY ANONA CENTER EAST AS OF JANUARY 1, 2023. The hosts of these meetings may change, therefore even if the meetings may go on, the meeting codes will change. To find out whether these gatherings will continue, kindly get in touch with regular attendees.

Zoom is an application you can download to your computer or your phone. A link to Zoom tutorials if you are not familiar: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/200101697


12:00 pm CT
Meeting ID: 895 2429 7277
No Passcode, just the waiting room.


8:00 pm CT
Step Sisters
Topic varies: Step/Tradition/BB Story/Discussion
Meeting ID: 881 6030 3682
Passcode: 532007